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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Things are starting to feel a bit more normal here in Nashville, at least as much as can be expected.

The waters crested very high. It was high enough for us to be concerned and we moved our trailer to a different spot in the campground. Water was coming in down our row of spots, and on the other side of the fence (out our kitchen window) we could see a truck in water up to its bumper. Things were slowing down so we were confident our house wouldn't be submerged, but we did want a little higher spot in the campground. We moved and we've been fine on this side.

We went out when the waters were high and saw all sorts of amazing sights. The water had risen like crazy at the KOA, and we saw several rigs and automobiles completely submerged. A few floated off to different spots. I feel terrible for the people whose trailers are sitting underwater right now. We went down the street to the corner by the Opryland Hotel, and watched the boats shuttling people who were trapped in hotels down the flooded streets. We saw the Coast Guard arrive. The street was completely filled with water and boats were going up and down. It was a fascinating and terrible sight.

All the pictures are in our album here or are currently playing in our slideshow on the right.

Today we met up with an online friend of mine and her girls. Each girl is a few months older than one of our kids, so the age spread is almost exactly the same and the kids are pretty close in age. We had a fantastic time at the park. Our original place was flooded out, but we wound up at a park with a great playground and plenty of shade. We even got to have a picnic lunch and I really enjoyed chatting with her.

Tonight my mom came into town. She was on her way back from Texas and decided to stop by. We went out to dinner tonight and hopefully we'll get to visit some tomorrow.


Gabriel said...

Jeremy and Kim,
Thank you for keeping us updated in the last few days. My wife, Kim, and I have been reading your blog; vicariously enjoying your adventures and misadventures. Unfortunaly I stay home with the children and she is dentist so for now vecarious is as good as it gets. I heard back from my insurance and they will pick up the RV from the site. All I have to do is get my personal belongings I can salvage. Kitchenware, movies, etc. Can you please update me as to the conditions of KOA. Do you think it will be possible to access the site tomorrow morning? Thank you for your help once more.

Jeremy said...

Hi Gabriel,

We drove by tonight, and the water has gone down almost 15 feet. The entrance road to the KOA is accessible, although they currently have a chain across it. I don't know if there is anyone from the office who can give you more information. We'll try to take some pictures tomorrow.

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