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Saturday, May 8, 2010

On our way

We have made quite a lot of progress.

Thursday morning we visited with my mom. That evening we went over to Jeremy's Uncle Gary's house and met up with quite a few people on his side of the family. We got a little lost getting there (it involved a highway that wasn't built yet when our GPS maps came out, which was the first problem) but once we found it, we had a great time. Our cousin has a little boy, Landon, who is right in between Ian and Rinnah's age. The three of them had a ball together and big brother Will was great playing with the little ones. We had a cookout and even had ice cream cones outside with fresh strawberries amongst good conversation-what better way could there be to spend a warm summer evening?

Friday we finally made our way out of Nashville. Once Jeremy finished work, we drove down to a Walmart outside of Chattanooga. Wow, is it gorgeous down that way. We drove over this amazing lake nestled between the mountains-I would love to come back to that part of the country with a boat someday.

Today we had a big driving day, making it all the way to Tifton, Georgia. We stopped for a few hours this afternoon to visit a children's museum in Macon, and still made it to a campground by 6. It was one of our best driving days so far I think, in the kids cooperating.

Tomorrow we should make it to Florida, which will make 6 states we've camped in over 11 days (4 states in 4 days last weekend, and 2 more this weekend).

Our latest challenge is being overweight with the trailer. When we think about what we've added, it's only been 15 pounds here and 20 pounds there. The kids' bed and mattresses is probably the single heaviest addition. And we can justify every addition. It's still a struggle to figure out what we can get rid of without needing to do laundry or visit the grocery store constantly. We did send some things back with my mom, but we may still need to do another big purge. We'll have to see how things go the next few weeks.


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