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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our second home

I think we found our new second home!

We're at this amazing park in Orlando. It's in the middle of a 300 acre city park. The park is gorgeous-very wooded, nice and shady, along a lake. There is a huge playground, lots of paved trails, plenty of outdoor pavilions with grills, and even a children's farm. The campsite is shady and generously sized. It's about 25 minutes from Disney. And it's one of the cheapest parks we've stayed at! We really, really like it here and could absolutely see ourselves spending a month or two here during the winter.

We got in at about 4:00 today so we had time to go for a walk over to the playground and the lake. There is so much to see here and it's so pretty. Then we came back so we could call both of our moms and wish them a happy mother's day.

I hope we can get it arranged to stay here for the next two weeks, until we go over to the Disney hotel. It's really nice here and it would be wonderful to have a weekend where we weren't prepping for a garage sale or moving the trailer. We're looking forward to relaxing here and enjoying this wonderful park.


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