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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the road!

At long last, we managed to get back on the road!

Jeremy was working kind of on and off all day today, which will work out okay because he needs to do some work late at night this week anyhow. We had an early lunch in Jacksonville and then made it up to Springfield. We took the truck over and found out some bad news about our brakes-not only were the rear brakes bad, but the front brakes that we had just repaired a few months ago also needed to be replaced. New rotors and pads on both the front and back-ouch, that one hurt. At least it will be ready for the road tomorrow.

We also had the rv repair guys over at the campground, so *hopefully* the water leak in our storage compartment is finally fixed. I want to look at it closer tomorrow since they told us it was fixed when we brought it in in March, but I hope it's really done this time. There are a few minor things we're hoping they can fix tomorrow too and then maybe by Thursday we'll be ready to head down to St. Louis.

I think the kids and I are going to the zoo tomorrow. That will be a nice way to be entertained.

It's amazing the difference in Ian's temperament since we left Jacksonville. He's like a whole new kid. He's been more polite than we've heard him ever. He picked up his toys with no complaints and helped vacuum. He's funny, talkative, and creative. He's so happy today! I really think that a big part is being happy to be back on the road. I know he was getting bored in Jacksonville. It was fun to visit with Grandma, but she left on Saturday so the last few days he was really itching to get out of there. I hope this bodes well for improved behavior in the long-term.


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