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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Wind-nesday

Ian is learning the days of the week, and the first time he asked me what day it was we were walking outside on a windy day and it happened to be Wednesday. So now every time it's windy he says, "It's another Windnesday today!"

Today we were planning on heading down to St. Louis. It's only an hour and a half from where we are now, so it should be an easy drive. But all day today it's been about 35mph sustained winds with gusts around 45-50mph. Not the best weather for driving an almost 14' tall vehicle. So here we stay.

I packed up the kids this morning to head to the zoo. Six minutes down the road, at 9:45am, they were both asleep. I guess hopping out of bed at 6:20 took its toll. It was a bit windy for walking around the zoo anyhow, so we went back to the campground and I sat in the car with them for another half hour watching my photography tutorials. That was a nice relaxing morning.

Neither kid wanted to go outside when it was so windy out (I can't blame them really, I wasn't too excited about it myself) so we stayed home today. The kids were actually surprisingly cooperative. I cleaned out a cabinet, matched a whole basket of socks, put away the last of the laundry, and reorganized some closet things while they played with the trains, read books, and half-watched Toy Story. Of course there was plenty of time for me to play with them too (and do some refereeing) but they actually did really well. We had supper and a nice relaxing bedtime, so hopefully they'll both be out early tonight.

Rinnah is so clever. We have a paper chain countdown to Disney. Today she ripped several of the rings, including the last one, and then happily exclaimed, "See Mickey today!" Poor girl, I felt so bad explaining that it was just for counting and wouldn't magically transport us to Disney World when the ring was broken. They are going to be so excited when we finally get there.

Our other plans are shaping up nicely too. We'll be meeting up with some friends on Saturday in St. Louis, then we've got an uncle and a friend to see in Nashville next week. Plus we found a great place to meet up with Jeremy's parents at the end of June/early July and they'll even be able to be there for Rinnah's birthday. So much to look forward to!


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