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Monday, April 26, 2010

Not quite ready yet

Today was supposed to be the day we got to Springfield. We've been working really hard. I spent all day today running errands, packing, sorting, doing laundry, etc. But 7pm rolled around and we had to admit defeat. Our service appointments are for tomorrow so hopefully we can get that sorted out and still get things fixed. I think Jeremy's going to take a break in the morning so we can drive up around noon.

Ian's last day of preschool was today. He got to bring cupcakes to school (he was SO excited when we went to the grocery store to pick what kind he wanted, and then came back to find they had made them just the way he asked-with blue and green frosting and Thomas the Train rings stuck in the frosting). We chatted with his teachers for a bit, which was nice. They were really encouraged that he loves school so much and talked about it so much at home, and I was really encouraged that they said he actually listens really well and is very sharp at school.

On Saturday we had a brief break from all the packing and took a trip back to the children's museum. It was the day our membership expired so we renewed that and made one last stop at the calzone restaurant. The kids had a blast, especially since there were some new exhibits on the 3rd floor they hadn't seen. Their favorite was a glass wall that they could paint on. I got some neat pictures-hopefully I can get those uploaded soon.

Maybe tomorrow we'll make it out of here. We are really looking forward to making it to St. Louis and going to the zoo on Saturday with some friends.


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