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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wonderful day

Today was really a great day.

We spent some time together this morning-the kids played games with Jeremy for awhile, and Ian helped me make bacon wrapped little smokies. After Rinnah's nap and lunch we rode the light rail out to a nearby mall. We spent quite awhile in a toystore, with the kids playing with the toy trains, cars, & marching dogs that were out. We walked around for awhile just stopping at whatever looked interesting. It was so refreshing to just be together again, not worrying about a schedule or meeting up with anyone or trying to be back by any certain time. The kids really loved it too. Ian didn't want to leave the mall-he kept saying, "I'm still having fun!" We took an extra long ride on the train home, thinking about hitting the children's museum (it's on the same train line) but Rinnah was getting tired and the museum was close to closing anyway, so we just came home.

Then we had dinner and a nice, long, relaxing bedtime routine for the kids. So many times lately we've pushed them too late and we get home and try to rush through everything. It was nice to do baths, and read stories, and have longer to talk about our day and pray together.

Not an overly exciting day, but a really wonderful day where we were just able to enjoy our kids and being together.


ashamom said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Leigh Anne said...

sounds like you guys are doing great out there! we're getting ready to pack up our rav and take to the road as well to go visit dh's parents on the west coast. are you guys hitting any weather or are you staying put for a while?

would you mind emailing me & telling me how you guys deal w/ snow if you've had to...thanks,

leigh anne (pg.org-er, lol)

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