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Thursday, August 5, 2010


This blog has been sadly neglected these last few weeks!

We've just been laying low here in Virginia. We've really enjoyed our time here. Debbie & PJ's church is really wonderful, definitely something we have loved while we've been here. Ian and Rinnah just adore Abby. They can't get enough of her. Every day they're asking me if we'll see Abby today, and Ian is drawing pictures for her, or painting pictures for her, or coming up with things he wants to show her, or toys he wants to share with her-it's very sweet. They like Caedmon too, but since he doesn't talk yet they don't quite get to interact in the same way. And I have loved having Debbie nearby-it's so wonderful to have an old friend (we were roommates in college) who knows me well, but who also understands the challenges of being a mom to two young kids.

Next week we'll be moving to a different campground to try out, because we might be coming back for awhile next spring. We'd love the chance to get plugged in, even for just a few months, at this church and financially this is a really inexpensive area to hang out for awhile and save up some money, so it's an option we're seriously considering.

Not a whole lot else happening. Our big adventure for the day was going out to Dairy Queen to buy blizzards for the Miracle Treat Day. While we were out we also ended up needing to replace the car battery. Oh well, we were thankful that we could just run right over to Advance Auto Parts and have them install it, and neither of us was out stuck somewhere, and we weren't in a hurry.

A little over a week left here and then we'll be off to Ohio.


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