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Thursday, August 19, 2010


It has been a good week so far in Ohio.

We've been to the museum twice, and the kids really enjoyed that. It's one of the biggest museums we've seen the whole time we've been traveling. In fact, the kids' room is bigger than some entire children's museums we've visited! They loved everything, from the water spray room and the submarine to riding the glass elevator and watching the overhead unicycle.

We also found some good thrift stores and grocery sales here, which has been helpful. And there was a garage sale a few houses down from where we're staying (it's an old farmhouse that turned their yard into an rv park) where we found a bulldozer from the same set as Ian's front loader that he plays with ALL the time. It was only $1, so we got that for him and a $2 bubble machine for Rinnah-they were pretty happy campers. :)

Yesterday we went out to Ohio State and Jeremy showed us the big student union building that his company did the A/V programming for. That was pretty neat! I haven't ever gotten to see his work in person, just the mockups on Jeremy's computer, so it was fun to see his designs up on the big screens. Afterwards we went out for pizza at a delicious pizza restaurant, a very nice treat.

Today we're laying low here at home, because Ian got new pajamas that he refuses to take off, and Rinnah wants to wear the same shirt she's been wearing day and night for 5 days now and she won't put any pants on. Since that doesn't really fit public dress codes, we're going to try staying at home and playing with wooden trains for awhile.

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The Conscious Cook said...

It is always interesting what the little ones will latch onto.

I came across your blog while visiting FOTR. My husband and I are currently in the process of deciding if this is the right fit for us and I have a strong pull in doing so. We had several similar reasons crop up as we looked into relocating but finding it difficult to decide on where, really wanting to take the time to travel, visit and see what is right for us before settling down again.

Sounds like you are having a nice adventure and hopefully we'll be hitting the road sometime as well.

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