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Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting with old friends

We're now in Appomattox, Virginia-an itty-bitty town in the middle of Virginia. We're visiting my college roommate Debbie and her family. She and her husband have a little girl who's just a few months younger than Ian, and a little boy who just turned one. It has been so wonderful to visit with them. We went to their church on Sunday, which was really nice. They had a great kids' program there. We went out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and wow, it was so nice to eat with someone else who is used to little kids! Jeremy commented about how they ate at the same pace as us-slow, with many interruptions to cater to kids. And we could have a conversation with kids climbing all over us and we all could tune out the kids and still listen to each other! I honestly think it's the first time we've gone out to eat with our kids AND other people and not felt rushed.

This morning Debbie brought the kids over to our house and everybody played with toys for awhile while Debbie and I just visited and chatted. So refreshing!! We have visited a lot of wonderful people, and I'm so thankful for their visits. But this was one of very few times when I didn't feel a pressure to have everything spotless, or feel embarrassed if the kids acted out a bit...there's just something really great about having an old friend who you trust who is also used to little kids and all the chaos that comes with them. Very freeing, and so wonderful to catch up with her. I'm glad we'll be around here for a few weeks.


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