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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rinnah's pre-birthday

Today was Rinnah's last day to be 1.

She is so much fun. She talks ALL the time, and she's so cheerful. Strangers are always asking me, "Is she always this happy?" The answer is, she's pretty much happy or tired. There's not a lot of in between.

Most mornings, she wakes up before Ian and comes happily into our room, climbs in our bed, and then starts singing to us and playing some sort of game. She loves to be tickled, play peek-a-boo, sing songs with us, sing rock-a-bye baby to her Donald, and of course jump on the bed.

She loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, whether it's at the grocery store, from a toy, or on a movie she gets up and does a little dance. Sometimes she dances even when no one else hears any music. It's adorable.

She's also very smart. She can *usually* count to 10 and get most of the numbers up to 20. She knows her abc's, although her favorite part of the song is "next time won't you sing with me" so sometimes she skips everything after P. She remembers all sorts of details and can figure out how to do new things every day that impress us.

She comes up with the most creative ways to entertain herself, and we just get the privilege of watching. She'll be happily playing ring-around-the-rosy with her Donald, or making up songs and dances, or trying on everybody's shoes. She's thrilled to let us into her little world but all of her play is just for her-it's not to impress us.

She brings so much joy into our lives and we are so blessed to have her!


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