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Friday, June 25, 2010

South Carolina

Well, our plans have changed yet again.

We were planning on spending this coming week in Myrtle Beach with Jeremy's parents. We had big plans for celebrating Rinnah's birthday with them there and staying at a fabulous campground. But last night they let us know they won't be coming. Poor Ian just kept asking why-it's hard when he understands that we were going to see them but can't really understand why they changed their plans. Rinnah asked if we could go see Mickey instead. LOL

So since we didn't really have a good reason to stay at that campground, other than all our packages that were being delivered there, we're switching things up. We're at a Walmart in Walterboro, South Carolina tonight. Then tomorrow we'll head to the campground in Myrtle Beach to pick up our packages and stay for a night. Then after that-it's up in the air. We'll be looking at our museum lists tonight and tomorrow to try to find somewhere to go. Also thinking about what all we want to do for Rinnah's birthday since Jeremy's taking that day off work and we want to make it special for her. She gets so much more excited about things this year than last year of course, and it will be a lot of fun to make a big deal of it for her.

1 comment:

ashamom said...

Congrats on ONE YEAR of your journey!! I can't believe it has been a year, but the pictures sure prove it!
I am so happy that everything is going great and pretty envious of your lifestyle!
I think you have picked the perfect time in your kids' ages to do it too. Congrats and HAppy Birthday Rinnah!!!

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