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Friday, June 18, 2010

Slower week

We're taking a little slower week here in Jacksonville.

I think in some ways we're still recuperating from all the excitement of Disney. The kids have been going to bed earlier and Ian's even been taking naps this week, so hopefully we'll be all rested up for visiting with Grandmother & Granddaddy Weatherford the week after next.

We've been able to visit with Katy a few days this week which has been very nice. I wish we lived closer to her all the time. We've also been swimming several times and spent quite awhile playing in the sand-one of the kids' favorite pasttimes lately. When it's hot we've been playing inside, building train tracks and playing games. It's been a nice week.

We're starting to see more families again in the RV parks now that summer is here. For months we were the only non-retired people most of the time. Not a bad thing, but it's nice to see other kids running around again.


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