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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aunt Katy

We got to visit with Aunt Katy last night!

We're in Jacksonville, FL now staying at a very nice RV park. We're right across from the playground and the pool (we can see it from the window when we eat) and we've already used both. The kids were so happy to swim. We've been in Florida for over a month and aside from the Disney hotel pools, this was the first time we'd found a pool open. We tried several other places and the Florida natives kept looking at us like we were crazy and reminding us that it wasn't summer yet. Call it what you like, when it's 95 degrees outside I'd love to play in the pool! So they were very excited to swim here. We got the kids some vests that are supposed to help with learning to swim. I'm not sure they're quite ready for learning strokes, but it certainly helped Ian feel a lot more confident in the water and it makes it easier to hold them up around the pool.

Katy came over last night for dinner. It was so great to see her again! We hadn't seen her since last November in California and both kids have grown so much since then, especially Rinnah. She was barely talking last fall and now she talks up a storm. The kids were SO excited for her to come. They drew pictures and hung them up all over the RV, and must have asked me a hundred times that day when Aunt Katy was coming. After lunch Ian wanted to sit outside and watch for her-he was sure disappointed when I tried to explain he had about 6 hours to go. They keep asking when she's coming back-I think she'll be by again tomorrow so we're all looking forward to that.

Boy, is it hot here! Maybe it's just my imagination, but it sure feels hotter than Orlando. We were wanting to pick somewhere with no snow to settle, but this 95+humidity has us thinking that maybe a little snow wouldn't be the end of the world!


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