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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More prep

Jeremy is in Ohio for work again this week, so I've got the kids and we're still plugging away at yard sale prep work. We have SO many baby clothes to sell. It's fun looking through the clothes and remembering the kids wearing them! It's been a long time since either of them were so tiny.

My college roommate Cindy stopped by today on her way back to Kansas City. It's so good to see her again! We don't get together often enough and when we do, it's always way too short. My mom watched the kids so Cindy and I could go to dinner together-that was really nice.

There was a little writeup about us in the paper here in Jacksonville this week. That was fun! Definitely something unique about being back in a small town.

The weather warmed up today, so we got to take the kids to the park. They're finally getting over their cold/flu thing that has lasted almost two weeks. It was great to see them running and playing outside again.


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