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Sunday, October 25, 2009


We made it to Portland today!

The kids actually did pretty well in the truck. They certainly enjoyed the stop at the mall to play in the play area. Ian was so tired he fell asleep in the stroller-I'm not sure he's ever done that, even as a newborn!

We found a pretty nice RV park, especially considering we were getting online less than an hour before we arrived to find a new spot. We had one park picked out that had an indoor pool, but when we called they said kids who aren't potty trained aren't allowed in the pool, even with a swim diaper. Rinnah is the one who really loves the water, so if we couldn't take her the whole splurge was kind of lost on us. So we found a cheaper place that seems really nice and is just as close to the childrens museum.

No campground wifi yet (even though reviews said it was good here) but luckily the Holiday Inn is right across the street.


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