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Monday, October 26, 2009


Not an overly exciting day today. We had to stop at the office this morning to make sure we could stay parked where we were, and I needed to pick up a few (free) things at the grocery store. I also picked up some free chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements, which was fun. They make some amazing bouquets of fruit! As a side note, I got to parallel park our massive truck in downtown Portland, which was a whole new experience too.

I think it's good that we didn't have a big agenda this morning, because the kids were less than cooperative.

After naps (yes, they napped today, thank goodness!) we drove down to the marina that's nearby. We're on an island, so it was close. We walked around for a bit with these huge gorgeous houses on one side and the marina full of boats on the other. It was really pretty, just a tiny bit chilly. The kids loved seeing all the boats.

Edited to add: Hey, I finally got a picture uploaded! The internet works a lot better here than at the last place, but just as I was trying to get pics uploaded last night it started to flake out on me. Here's one picture of the marina at least.

From Portland

1 comment:

Laura Jean said...

Yay for boats! :) I miss marinas. Kim, you never cease to amaze me the way you buy things for nothing - I was reading back through your other updates as well. A cart-full of groceries for just over $6? I have hardly anything, and it comes to $50. I need to take lessons from you. Portland sounds fun - and I'm sure California is going to be a blast. Thanks for all the updates! Love, Laura

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